Vic Mahillon | Talent Manager
December 26, 2012

My first year recruiting at Mashery


My first Mashery recruiting assignment came last year. When recruiting for an expansion stage technology startup that provides a product that most people aren't entirely sure of, you need to be tremendously compelling in your first message.  This was challenging because I always found myself first having to explain what an API was and then why an API management solution was so important.

Today however, far more prospective candidates seem to get it well before the initial phone screen stage and I seldom have to provide as many high level overviews as to who we are and what we do.

Not only are these recent interactions with hopeful hires helping me understand the growing interest in API management out there, but it's also helping me realize how much our brand value has transformed in 2012. How do I know this? Every month that passes, a new record is set for number of inbound applications. I'm not talking about random duds either. I'm talking about seriously gifted gurus from Google and Zynga just to name a few. 

I also know this because now I have a fortunate dilemma - how to pitch new candidates with the right “sizzle." I have the recruiter's dream of choosing to talk about being voted one of the best places to work in the Bay Area, doubling in size in the past year, having offices in San Francisco, London, New York, Boston and Pune, receiving another round of funding, and announcing our first reseller partnership with Intel.  All in addition to being the world’s leading provider of API management solutions.

While all those selling points are great, the real reason Mashery is such a wonderful place to work goes beyond what you can find on the internet. For example, this holiday season, we adopted families in need throughout different cities and sent them everything on their wish lists. And earlier this year, we took the morning off as friends to watch the San Francisco Giants celebrate their incredible World Series triumph. We truly care about our work and each other’s success and I’m looking forward to repeating all this and more in 2013.

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