Amit Jotwani | Front End Developer, Developer Evangelist
January 29, 2013

Mashery Hacks at PennApps 2013


Last week, Mashery attended PennApps, a 40-hour application development competition organized by the students at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 

The bi-annual event is a 40-hour hackathon that brings 500 student designers and developers from around the world together to build and hack. 

Mashery hacks
There were eight hacks built using Mashery APIs. Here are some favorites:

  • MobileMaster allows you to get the latest news and sports updates on your phone via SMS, check prices on eBay or get directions using ESPNNew York Times APIs.
  • Votomatic allows you to create movie polls and invite friends to vote online or via a phone call or text. The app pulls movie .gif thumbnails using the Tumblr API and the Tomatometer movie ratings using the Rotten Tomatoes API.
  • Facation is a fake vacation planner. The app uses the Expedia API to generate a random flight plan and hotel for your “trip.” All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself.  

Best use of Mashery API
Beets: ConcertJam Finder is an AiOS + web app that works with the Jambase API that allows you to find concerts happening near you. The app also uses the SoundCloud API so you can play a sample of the artist’s songs.

We look forward to seeing you at PennApps this fall!