November 28, 2012

Mashery and Coca-Cola Enterprises Explain Enterprise API Management


For those of you who are fortunate to be in Las Vegas this week at Gartner's Application Architecture Delivery and Integration (AADI) Summit, you may have heard the news, as word of what CIOs want is starting to filter into conversations. Some key things we hear are that mobile, cloud, social and information analytics are more important than ever. We've seen this for years, as we have increased the number of integrations we manage for enterprises by way of APIs.

If you caught the talk Tuesday by Mashery's VP of Product, Chris Lippi, you'll be no stranger to the real-life examples Chris presented alongside Carl Kennedy of Coca-Cola Enterprises - of how enterprises are using APIs and integration technologies to tackle the consumerization of IT

As IT bellwethers like Cisco increase their estimates of the world's connected devices at 50 billion, utilizing APIs outside the firewall can reduce the complexity of tackling the challenges of bringing disparate back end ERP systems into Web services and mobile devices. 

If you missed it, we've included the deck below. Questions? Contact us to talk more.


AADI Mashery/Coca-Cola Enterprises November 2012 from BAPISFNYLONDON