Jamal Fuller | Inside Sales Representative
November 09, 2012

How are you using your API as a Product?


While attending my first Business of API’s Conference in New York City, one of the key points that stuck with me was the idea of your API being a Product.

This concept is changing the way companies in all industries think and act. Normally, companies see their API’s as an extension and support for their product, but a new wave of thinking has come about that is rapidly changing the business playing field.

Before BAPI NY, I was also of the thinking that API’s were most productive when they were being used to support another standalone product. This changed for me after hearing Abe Stanway of Etsy speak from the view of the developer.  

He said, “Your API is a Product and you should treat it as such.” This idea is huge because it make a clear statement to companies that if you really want to succeed in your respective industry, you need to make sure every aspect of your product, including the API, receives the attention it needs.  When a company is not paying attention to their API, and in turn, their product, developers and customers take notice.

A good way to ensure your company is paying enough attention to your API and to the importance of your API as a product is to have an API strategy.

 David Rose, an accomplished angel investor and CEO of Gust, stated that he wouldn’t invest in any company that didn’t have an API or API Strategy.  This is basically saying if your API isn’t at the forefront of your thinking, then you are behind in the race.