Sara Reiner | Contributor
October 01, 2012

Happy BAPI!


The Business of APIs Conference (BAPI) is here and we are proud to announce San Francisco has sold out! 

Don’t despair if you didn’t get a golden ticket, the event will be live streaming!

We will also be live tweeting, so be sure to follow us @mashery or look for tweets with the #BAPI2012 hashtag.

In its 6th year, BAPI San Francisco still reminds us of the three reasons to even have an API, and why they are becoming more important than websites:

  • They help grow revenue and business partnerships
  • They enable scale and distribution
  • They proliferate brand and spread your content and data outside the walls of your company

With that in mind, don't forget to bring:

  • Your API problems
  • Your imagination
  • Your strategic thinking cap
  • Any questions about API or platform performance anxiety
  • Any secret handshakes you would want to practice with potential business partners
  • Your undivided attention (for all things API of course)
  • Any lessons you may need in “How to speak Developer”
  • APIs equal Ecosystems. Do know what yours needs?
  • Any questions about how an API can drive value for your business

Be sure to join us at the Business of APIs Conference October 17, in New York and November 6, in London.  See you there!