March 26, 2013

Give Your Business the Sixth Sense with APIs


APIs play a huge role in the B2C arena. For example, a retail API allows access to pricing data, product catalog, support and purchases.  These outward APIs ease the creation of apps, integrations, and robust consumer experiences.  Not to mention the ability to track usage and see trends with API management.

An area that is arguably more important to business is B2B APIs, which help make improvements internally.  Examining internal types of information that can help drive critical business decisions. How much budget is wasted for not understanding your customers for a marketing campaign?  Are you basing business strategies off of old data?  Is your supply chain efficient, or outdated with old vendor information?

Relevant knowledge gives you an edge, a proverbial “sixth-sense” in conducting your business.  This is all made possible with third party APIs that can integrate into your custom applications and workflow.  A best-in-class example of this is the Dun & Bradstreet Direct API program.  Dun & Bradstreet offers a global database of over 200 million business records that assist your supply management and marketing teams.  What is unique about this API is that it works with your existing business.  Historically, this type of real-time information is difficult to integrate with, and relies heavily on an IT department to make it integrated and relevant to the business.   However, with an easily accessible API, this has all changed.

Mashery Strategy Services worked with Dun & Bradstreet on highlighting this powerful platform.  It was important to raise awareness to a non-technical audience or anyone who has never heard the term API.

Our team created the “Grow Your Business” video to help show companies how they can save money and avoid the pitfalls in a faulty supply chain. We introduce visual metaphors that aim to simplify the API concept, all while being concise and to the point for executives.

 To see how an external API can greatly enhance your internal business, please check out the video below or contact us for more information.