Sara Reiner | Contributor
December 27, 2012

Download Your Way to a Successful 2013


After several days of eating your grandmother’s chocolate covered, sugar coated butter cookies, you may decide it’s time to hit the gym. Although… don’t you deserve another cookie just for thinking about getting off the couch?

If your dieting resolve tends to waver around triple-decker fudge bars and marshmallow cream pies, don’t worry. These mobile apps can help you stick by your New Year’s resolution no matter what goal you want to accomplish.

Carrots and Sticks

Resolutions 2013 is a great app to kickstart your New Year’s goal. It helps you outline a plan, tracks your steps and even gives you badges when you’ve completed milestones. The app also provides charts of your progress so you can detect and correct obstacles to your success (midnight snacking, anyone?).

Livifi takes a more holistic approach, providing a list of 41 interconnected health and wellness-related tasks to work on during the new year. These include “Get Enough Sleep,” “Stay Hydrated” and, of course, “Set Daily Goals.”

If you suspect procrastination might de-rail you, however, download Task Timer for your phone right now. It keeps you focused by restricting work or exercise periods to specific intervals of time, like five or ten-minute bursts. But the app only works when you make time to use it, so professional procrastinators beware!

And if those deep fried snickerdoodles still prove too tempting, consider blackmailing yourself to success with 21habit. The app’s initial price tag is $21, but for each consecutive day that you follow your game plan, you can deduct id="mce_marker" from the original cost.

Specific Resolutions

For the nutritionally challenged among us, Lose It! is an all-purpose calorie counter and food budgeter. The app features a barcode scanner so you can grab information in a grocery store aisle and a specialized nutrient tracker to make sure your diet includes the ideal amount of protein and fat.

If you envision yourself winning marathons next year, get started now with Nike+ Running. It calculates routes with GPS assistance, tracks your daily jogs and lets you share your progress on social media platforms. The app even lets you pre-record friends’ cheers and play them as you cross the finish line in your driveway.

Budgeting is another popular New Year’s resolution you can tackle with a mobile app. Mint syncs with all your online bank accounts and lets you track purchases on the go, alerting you whenever a $300 necklace would result in a steady diet of Ramen noodles next month.

Kicking the habit can be excruciating, but smokers might feel better after downloading Quitter. The app calculates how much you spend on cigarettes and estimates your savings since your quit date- just don’t use the extra cash to buy more tobacco!

And if you’re looking for love this year, OkCupid could be your knight in shining armor. Besides all the perks of the online version, the OkCupid app offers “Locals” and “Broadcast” features to let you know if potential dates are nearby.

Here’s to a Happy Near Year and successful resolutions!