December 12, 2012

Apple of Our Eye: iOS Device Penetration in Today’s Higher Education Signals the Workforce of Tomorrow


An interesting infographic came out this month on the trajectory of iOS devices in today’s higher education institutions. The Australian think tank Open Colleges culled the core set of global data available on how far up the ivory towers we now find Apple fan boys, fanatics and fellows.

The results are not surprising, but what may be new is the clear picture they paint of what businesses can expect from the next generation of employees.  < a href="">iTunes Uhas seen staggering growth during the last year, pointing to continued heavy use of iOS devices. Nearly half of the laptops students plan to purchase are Macs, and more staggering are the steady iPad sales to students and educational institutions. This coincides with slowing PC shipments to students, which dropped by more than 10 percent in 2012. 

As Google’s Eric Schmidt takes his platform wars yet again to the press with debatable forms of math to claim victory and call an end to the wars, we can point to clear evidence that whatever victory may stand today for the Android platform, it may be an ephemeral glimmer in the timeline of IT consumerization destined to rule IT departments and corporate app development for the coming years.

Whether new recruits in the coming years are on Team Cook or Team Schmidt, one thing is for sure - Corporate America needs to know that if they want their next class of freshman to “fry like bacon”, there better be an app for that!