May 22, 2012

We’re packing our bags for Denver. Get Ready for CloudCamp and GlueCon!


Now that spring is here and we’ve stowed our winter coats, thoughts turn to plans to getting away for the holiday weekend or a summer camping trip. But if you’re like us here at Mashery, you may have a whole different trip and camp in mind. Now, we like a three-day weekend as much as anyone else, but today the excitement around Mashery HQ is focused on two great events we’re headed to this week: CloudCamp Denver and Gluecon.

If you were thinking that it’s too early for one of the hottest camps of the year, then think again. CloudCamp is the ideal barcamp for anyone looking to learn about the real issues from early adopters of the cloud. Director of Developer Products Neil Mansilla will be speaking Tuesday evening at CloudCamp Denver about the best uses developers can make of interactive API documentation, and why providers might want to implement these great developer tools.

No need to re-pack your bags, because as CloudCamp Denver closes, Gluecon opens its doors. This is where the brightest and best technically deep minds in cloud, mobile, big data, APIs and more gather to compare thoughts, ideas, discuss the latest methods, standards and APIs turning ideas into platforms.

Mashery is proud to be rolling up our sleeves to help support the Gluecon hackathon along with some of the brightest developers in our industry. You like location? Bam! Need metadata? Boom! Psycho-analysis for your customers? Easy! Neil from Mashery will again be on hand to help API builders integrate with the dozens of Mashery Network APIs in our API Explorer.  You want his help, because he’s amazing with APIs, and also becuase were giving away API spot bonus prizes including a Mashery Red Jambox and other schwag.

Want to find Mashery at CloudCamp Denver or GlueCon? Follow @masherydev and catch up with Neil Mansilla and David Conner onsite. See you there!!