June 11, 2011

Want to know how fit you REALLY are ? There's an app (and an API) for that!


The list of companies which are leveraging APIs is growing at a fast and steady pace. Data that leverages everything from retail product information to the latest movie showtimes, are available via APIs - many running through Mashery's infrastructure. One of our customers, BodiaMedia, recently announced the availability of their API which is based off of their body monitoring device, the BodyMedia FIT™ system.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, BodyMedia is the pioneer in developing wearable body monitoring systems designed to help people lose weight, improve performance, and lead healthier lives. BodyMedia's goal is to unleash the power of its technology to encourage developers to explore and discover new applications that will help more people know their bodies and change their lives.

The use of APIs, at the consumer level, has up until now been about how we search, read, listen or watch content on connected devices such as iOS or Android based devices. Introducing a layer of content that is more personal, data that can be attributed to the activity we do everyday, could potentially effect the what and how we interact with these connected devices.

Imagine the following scenario:

Your daily activity, tracked by the BodyMedia Fit system, tells you that you are not getting enough exercise in your day. What if there was a calendar app that would alert you that you've been sitting at your desk too long, writing a blog post! :-) Based on your activity habits, it could automatically schedule time for you to get up, get some fresh air and take a brisk walk around the block! I'm just sayin'!

(Your Content + Your Personal Data) x The Hundred of Connected and Mobile Devices = A Personalized Content Experience

The power of APIs, combined with a robust API strategy and infrastructure, can make this equation more than true.

It makes the reason for having an API a necessity.

Congrats BodyMedia!

I will now sit and wait patiently for my Taebo app to be created!!