Brian Fenton | Contributor
September 23, 2011

Twilio Conference 2011 Hack Night


This past Wednesday, Mashery (along with SendGrid, DocuSign and others) sponsored the very first Twilio Conference at the lovely Bently Reserve in downtown San Francisco, CA, just a few blocks from our Mashery headquarters, and Neil and I had the opportunity to attend.

Around 600 developers and entrepreneurs sold out the event, and Twilio kept the wireless flowing smoothly (a first in my conference-going experience).

After a full day of presentations on everything from hardware hacking with Arduinos to getting an Instant MBA from David Weekly and a primer on the real-time web API landscape from Chad Etzel (plus tasty Twilio-inspired cupcakes), Rob Spectre regaled the audience with a primer on Brogramming in the closing keynote, and the hack night was on.

After some odd choices for hacking music at the beginning, the room settled in to a steady hum of activity. Pizza, beer, ribs, and Red Bull kept the API calls flowing, and after about 5 hours Neil and I had put together a mashup of the Rdio and Billboard APIs. We ended up with a service to create a playlist in Rdio of what was at the top of the Billboard chart for a specific day.

It was a fun exercise to see what we could create with Mashery-powered APIs, and good for a nostalgia trip as well.