August 15, 2013

Tackling Ideas, Challenges and Opportunities At The 2013 Business of APIs Conferences


No matter what industry you’re in, the Internet is changing your priorities. Maybe e-commerce completely changed the way your company connects with consumers, or mobile apps empowered a crop of young and fast-moving competitors to rocket ahead and connect with new markets at top speed. For the best of us, things like the mobile, social and local data revolutions made it possible for our business to move more quickly. Those companies aren’t out of the woods either, though. The truth is that they are now trying to connect with new markets but encountering uncharted waters. The fact is that regardless of whether you’re a leader in media or a more traditional company in finance or retail or any other sector, your business is encountering new challenges in a business landscape that could hardly have been dreamed up just five years ago.

There’s a lot of talk, particularly at conferences, about “disruption.” We get it. If you’d like to see a little less conversation and a lot more action to help you tackle 21st-century business issues through the promises of big data, apps, mobile, and APIs, we hope you’ll consider coming to Mashery’s Business of APIs (BAPIs) conference series. APIs are the “connective tissue” between, data, apps and the customer experiences that have the potential to transform your business. The one-day industry-leading BAPI forums will take place in San Francisco on September 10 (The St. Regis Hotel), New York  on October 1 (New World Stages), and London on November 13 (Altitude360).

Attendees at BAPI are presented with expert content aimed at solving today’s most urgent business problems:

  • Turning massive amounts of data -- financial, weather, location, whatever --  into a useful asset for every division within the company.
  • Creating cohesive brand-specific customer experiences at a company with  resources spread across divisions as broad as its legacy may be long.
  • Scaling strategic partnerships at the speed of today’s markets and competition.

At our 2013 BAPI series we are focused on serving up a roster of the most influential and insightful executives and thinkers in growing and evolving todays’ online brands and business. From Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian (New York) to Coca-Cola Enterprises CTO Kevin Flowers (London) to Gnip CEO Chris Moody (San Francisco), we’ll be addressing today’s most urgent business issues. You’ll hear big-idea keynotes about the futuristic-but-practical applications that blend big data and design, projections on “what’s next” from executives at top API-driven start-ups like Uber and RunKeeper, and success stories from storied brands like CapitalOne and IBM.

We know that corporate decision-makers have different agendas when it comes to their API programs, so we’ve tailored the conference to cover both business and technology decision-making needs. For half of each BAPI, we’re breaking the programming down into two tracks: one designed for executives who are specifically looking to make smart decisions about technical connections for their mobile and online business (hello, CTOs and VPs of product!) and one for those who dictate more company-wide strategic decisions on how to connect with markets for their next strategic win (CMOs and VPs of strategy and business development). We’ll also have plenty of time for networking, so that you can meet each other and forge connections that will lead to new partner and customer relationships.

This year’s BAPIs are invitation only and we’re capping attendance at 300 executive-level participants. Request an invitation now for an insightful, engaging, and fun day-long dialogue connecting with the most forward-thinking members of the business community to learn together how to solve the problems that we all face.