January 26, 2012

Smart devices in 2012


Now that the dust has settled, and I have sifted through my bag of schwag, from CES 2012. It’s time to retrospect on what I got from days of gadgetry in Las Vegas.

As many have mentioned already, CES 2012 focused on ‘Smart’ devices. Items we used on a daily basis, from televisions to clothes washers are now considered “Smart”.

But what does “Smart” mean? Just because a device is connected to the Internet doesn’t make it smarter. What makes devices smarter is how they interact and engage the user, an interface which engages the user and how device engages the user.

Needless to say, at the core of the true “Smart” device should be an API (Application Programming Interface). Below are a set of devices I found during my time at CES that I would consider “Smart.”

Panasonic VIERA Connect and the BodyMedia FIT Link Armband.

For athlethes (or wanna-be athletes) BodyMedia FIT LINK Armband and the Panasonic VIERA TV connect provide near real-time caloric burn and activity data right on the screen. Live data from your LINK Armband gets sent to your connected TV while you watch your favorite show or play your favorite video game.

BodyMedia leverages APIs to expand their business channels and empower internal and external developers to build great apps for their customers to use. This also includes the ability to send fitness data to the Panasonic TV, making the two definitely a Smart combo.

The Samsung Wi-Fi Enabled Refrigerator

We’ve mentioned this refrigerator before, but there is nothing like seeing it up close. The thought that I can now have immediate and quick access to news, music, recipes, weather and any new apps that are created for this platform is amazing.

The possibilities are as endless as the use for my iPad. It’s more than just an LCD screen, it now gives a consumer the ability to consumer more than food, but data within a suitable user interface in which such content makes sense. Playing Angry Birds on my refrigerator, probably not. Tweeting about what I’m having for dinner, Oh YEAH!

Recon Instruments MOD and MOD Live RECON READY Ski Goggles

Connected Skiing! Now relive your ski run, challenge your friends from around the world to see who had the fastest run, track your friends or even manage your playlist. The MOD and MOD Live are the worlds first GPS Micro Optics display for Alpine Goggles. Taking extreme skiing to an entirely new level, these “SMART” goggles allow texting and caller ID built on the Android platform. These goggles are also powered by APIs, enabling their future to be limited to only the imagination. Now that’s SMART!