September 09, 2011

Samsung's "Smart" LCD + App Fridge


Working for an ecommerce provider company many years back we had, in our standard corporate pitch deck, what we called the refrigerator slide. A visual testament to our intimate understanding of technical progress and the future (coolly pronounced: few-tcha), the slide illustrated how the internet was proliferating to enable any number of mobile devices, onto television screens and eventually- into all “kinds of things/appliances/objects.” This last stage- almost always labeled “2015 and beyond - was best represented by a screen-enhanced refrigerator. 

Our power point scripts included tales of electronic refrigerator screens enhanced with weather updates, recipes and electronic shopping lists that knew when the milk shelf felt lighter.

As the years passed, we saw things like the iPhone, Android, 3G, tablets, 4G come to fruition. Penetration rates for smartphones rose rapidly, tablet devices set records in rapid adoption and over 83% of the worldwide population now has ubiquitous connectivity available to them. Despite statistical assurances from every analyst firm on the planet that we’d one day live in an “all things connected” world, the allusive future always remained at the far right of our slide- represented by that refrigerator graphic.  

Until now…..A recent episode of The Today Show- the epitome of mainstream media- featured a commercial for the Samsung Internet-enabled refrigerator. The next day, a co-worker shared a print ad for Samsung in Real Simple Magazine heralding an LCD refrigerator ‘loaded with apps.’ News, weather, recipes, photos. Everything you need to ‘keep the family running smoothly.”

Of course, at Mashery, with our app x-ray vision, we can’t help but see the APIs at work behind the scenes- delivering content and functionality to the huge variety of devices out there today.  So this week, we’re hard at work- updating our power point slides- sliding that refrigerator and all it stands for from the far right into present-day 2011 and dreaming up the “2015 and beyond” future once again.

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