January 11, 2012

Read All About It (Through Newspaper APIs)


Transformed over the last decade by the Internet and mobile devices, the newspaper industry is now being reshaped by another force: APIs. Recently, Programmable Web posted about the

growing number of newspaper APIs

, and Mashery has seen a growing number of newspapers sign on as clients. Why are media companies so hot for APIs? Because APIs let others create innovative new ways to consume their content. As blogger Sebastian Spier explains, “These newspapers are striving for innovation by exploring new grounds.” 

That’s certainly true at The New York Times, where the paper’s API is helping Fractured Atlas, a New York City arts organization, create information and data services for members. The Times’s Districts API, which powers nycpaspaces.org, takes any latitude and longitude in New York City and returns a list of the political districts that contain that point. NYTimes Election 2012, an app built in-house at The Times, is also powered by the API. 
USA Today boasts nine APIs. Through one of them, Seesmic, the CRM and social media management company, was able to create a plugin to inject top stories into users’ streams. Other APIs let developers easily pull data to construct custom feeds, retrieve breaking news, or even programmatically access the USA TODAY Sports Salaries database. 
The Guardian—the British daily—uses Mashery’s API management platform to monetize digital assets with detailed precision. Taking advantage of Mashery’s ability to create API access tiers, The Guardian designates different levels of access privileges for internal, strategic partner, and third-party application developers. 
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