December 31, 2013

Overcoming the Challenges of Internal API Programs


Enterprises have immense amounts of data, and of course, some of that data is proprietary and can’t be shared outside its doors. Whether it’s employee social security numbers or the “secret sauce” that sets their product apart from competitors, there is always some information that needs to be protected. But just because it is protected doesn’t mean that it can’t be made more accessible to those that should have access to it.

Applying a RESTful API facade to legacy systems internally can return immediate benefits by opening functionality typically locked behind specific technologies to anyone within the organization who needs access. Surprisingly, the biggest challenges in implementing an internal API program aren’t actually technical, they’re cultural.

In this webinar, Rob Zazueta and Sasha Kamenetska of Mashery's Strategy Services talk about:

  • How to overcome cultural obstacles in implementing an internal API program
  • How to present the value of having a program
  • How to ensure success once your program is up and running

Interested? Click here to view this webinar and take your internal API program to the next level and contact the Strategy Services team today!