Mark Loewenstein | Sr. Product Marketing Manager
March 06, 2014

Our Unofficial SXSW Health 2.0 Guide, 2014


Companies from across the healthcare ecosystem are increasingly leveraging APIs to facilitate the development of impactful and innovative solutions. From doctors to patients and providers to insurers, API-powered web and mobile applications are advancing the practice of healthcare. Even the casual consumer is benefiting from solutions that make it easier to track fitness information and make healthier choices. APIs are ideal for use in the healthcare industry because they can be securely deployed and managed while enabling parties to exchange organized data in real-time.

Mashery is proud to return to SXSW for the sixth straight year. Our Circus Mashimus Lounge will once again feature a number of our customers’ API programs, including those of three leading healthcare companies. Swing by the Lounge to talk with representatives from athenahealth, MapMyFitness and FoodEssentials about the success of their platforms.

Below we’ve compiled our top health-related picks from the SXSW Schedule to give you our Unofficial Health 2.0 Guide so you can quickly identify all of the must-see events this year in Austin. With such a wide range of topics and formats, you’re sure to find multiple sessions of interest.

Friday, March 7

Doctor’s Offices on Their Death Bed
12:30PM - 1:30PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Panel discussion includes Dr Dennis Schmuland (Chief Health Strategy Officer, Microsoft), Dr Gautam Gulati (Chief Medical Officer & Head of Product Innovation, Physicians Interactive), Grant Verstandig (CEO, Audax Health) and Morgan Gress (Events & Media, 1776)
  • Technology and policy are colliding to transform the patient experience. New devices are delivering continuous streams of health data to patients, who in turn are expecting physicians to engage with them via modern communication channels. Meanwhile, bundled payments and Accountable Care Organizations are changing incentives for doctors and payers, leading savvy physician-entrepreneurs to invent new patient-provider-payer models. As this explosion occurs will doctor’s offices soon be a legacy artifact of non-competitive providers? Join the debate with the innovators driving change from both the patient and physician perspective! #sxsw #MedChange

Re-Creating the Business of Health
3:30PM - 4:30PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Presented by Andy Palmer (CEO, Data-Tamer) and Scott Stropkay (Partner, Essential Design)
  • This session will describe the changing dynamics in healthcare innovation: from the technology, to the design of the product, to the design of the business, all toward meeting the needs of patients and the systems in which they interact. #sxsw #HealthBIZ

Saturday, March 8

Body Computing: The Future of Networked Humans
9:30AM - 10:30AM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Presented by Leslie Saxon (Executive Director, USC Center For Body Computing)
  • Join Dr. Leslie Saxon in a compelling discussion of body computing and the future of wearable and embedded technology. Find out what happens when networked humans dynamically connect to better control and manage their health, lifestyle, devices, machines, homes, climate and personal information. We will discuss how wireless and mobile devices - worn, and/or implanted in human bodies - may someday connect us to everything. #sxsw #ieeesaxon

Patients First: Why Open Data Can Save Healthcare
11:00AM - 12:00PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Presented by Beverley Bryant (Director of Strategic Systems & Technology, NHS England) and Gregory Downing (Exec Director for Innovation, US Department of Health and Human Services)
  • Bryant and Downing argue that transparency has the power to transform patient outcomes, drive digital innovation and create unprecedented opportunities for science and economic growth. They will describe plans to release vast amounts of new data and how they propose to make this easy to access for entrepreneurs, patients and professionals. #sxsw #healthdata

Connected Fitness 2.0: Shaping Healthy Behaviors
5:00PM - 6:00PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Panel discussion includes Arthur Markman (Professor of Psychology & Marketing), Christopher Glode (GM, MapMyFITNESS), Martha Wofford (VP, Head of CarePass, Aetna) and Tim Roberts (VP of Interactive & Design, Fitbit)
  • This session will explore the most effective ways to educate users on what their personal data means, methods for turning that data into actionable insights, and how technology is hacking human motivation. #sxsw #fitfuture

Sunday, March 9

Hacking Medical Training through Innovation
9:30AM - 10:30AM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Panel discussion includes Andrey Ostrovsky, MD (Boston Childrens Hospital), James Merlino (CEO, Cleveland Clinic), Krishna Yeshwant (General Partner, Google Ventures) and Madhura Bhat (Founder, Health for America)
  • The panel will explore how AMCs can become leaders in efficient, patient-centered, and commercially sustainable innovation by committing to disruptive changes in training the next generation of clinician-innovators. #sxsw #HackMedEd

What Happens When Health & Tech Meet Up?
9:30AM - 10:30AM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Panel discussion includes Jack Young (Director, Qualcomm Life Fund), Jenna Rose (Director, Healthbox), Malay Gandhi (Chief Strategy Officer, Rock Health) and Ted Maidenberg (General Partner, The Social+Capital Partnership)
  • In this panel session, some of the most prolific investors in digital health will discuss what excites them about the future of health care and why now is the time to reinvent the industry through innovation and collaboration. #sxsw #HealthTech

The Connected Body - Can We Get Value from Wearables
11:00AM - 12:00PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Panel discussion includes Bonnie Cha (Sr. Reviewer, Re/Code), Jef Holove (CEO, Basis Science) and Yijing Brentano (VP of Strategic Initiatives & Mobile Health, Sprint)
  • We will focus on how wearables can provide greater value to your health. Health-related devices are estimated to be 60% of the wearables market, so understanding the health market will be key to the future. We will look at how form factors will evolve and explore the growing role of mobile and software in providing deeper, richer insights into our health. This track is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. #sxsw #TechValue

Gamified Healthcare: Can Nikefuel Save Lives?
12:30PM - 1:30PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Panel discussion includes Ally Stuart (Product Manager, VAN), Craig Williams (Director, Exeter University) and Graham Stuart, MD (Medical Director, Sports Cardiology UK)
  • We will compare the results from gamified devices (like Nike's FuelBand) with more traditional measurement tools, explain the role of social media in the study and look at how gamification and wearable technology may shape the future of prescriptive healthcare, as well as exercise. This track is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. #sxsw #healthfuel

Envisioning the Doctors and Patients of 2025
12:45PM - 1:00PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Presented by Delian Asparouhov (Founder, Nightingale)
  • With the advancement of wearable and soon, implantable technologies, patients’ health will be monitored by computers 24/7. What will this mean for the doctors of 2025 and how will patients interact with their personal health? Much of the rote work done by doctors will soon be automated, allowing them to focus entirely on practicing their specialty rather than acting as an administrator. #sxsw #Mobile

No Such Thing As TMI in Digital Health
3:30PM - 4:30PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Presented by Jeffrey Benabio, MD (Director of Health Care Transformation, Kaiser Permanente) and Madhu Nutakki (VP of Digital Technologies, Kaiser Permanente)
  • Presenters will discuss the latest digital trends, including biometrics, mobile, wearable devices, APIs, and the platforms that bring them all together–with examples of what’s working now and what’s around the corner in health care. Let's have a discussion and write the next chapter of the digital health story together. This track is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. #sxsw #HelpUs

Visualizing Chronic Health Conditions
4:15PM - 4:30PM, Austin Convention Center

  • Presented by Brian Sherwell (Creative Director of UX, Sparks Grove)
  • Join the speaker as he discusses his three-day trek on the Appalachian Trail and the surprising insights he gained into his own condition when he used data visualization to analyze his journey. This session will also expand on the insights gained by exploring how data visualization, combined with continuous tracking, could be used in patient education for chronic health management. #sxsw #HealthViz

Hacking Your Life for Better Health
5:00PM - 6:00PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Panel discussion includes Charles Saunders (CEO, Healthagen), Fred Trotter (healthcare data journalist), James Mault (CMO, Qualcomm Life) and Michele Polz (AVP of Patient Insights & Analytics, US Sanofi Diabetes)
  • This panel features speakers representing the payor, big pharma, enterprise IT enabler, and e-patient activist perspectives to discuss relevant digital tools and services that are gaining traction or still to come that could bring to life the vision of the actively engaged health consumer. This track is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. #sxsw #hacklife

Healing Healthcare with UX Design
5:00PM - 6:00PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Presented by Abbe Don (VP of User Experience, Epocrates)
  • Abbe will provide an unvarnished look at how far we have come in healthcare UX, how far we still need to go, and why having a mission is crucial. In an interactive exercise she will challenge session participants to find their mission and use it as a springboard for innovative design and problem solving. #sxsw #UX4health

Inverting Care Delivery Models On Google Glass
5:30PM - 5:45PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Presented by Kyle Samani (CEO, Pristine)
  • At a macro level, mid levels (nurses, physician's assistants) are diagnosing and treating more each year. Glass will allow doctors to monitor, guide, and assist mid levels. Healthcare will evolve into a hub and spoke model, where doctors are the hubs, and mid levels are the spokes. Glass will be the connective glue. #sxsw #glass

Wearable Devices: The Future of Healthcare?
5:45PM - 6:00PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Presented by Rafael Mena (Systems Manager of MCU Central Marketing, Texas Instruments)
  • Learn how the convergence of health and wearable personal technology can usher in a revolution in personal healthcare in every corner of the globe, whether allowing physicians to diagnose problems and administer care remotely, or provide instant communication for patients with other healthcare professionals to ensure faster, more accurate care for a broader range of patients. #sxsw #wearableRx

Monday, March 10

The Avatar Will See You Now: Inside Virtual Health
9:30AM - 10:30AM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Panel discussion including Timothy Bickmore, PHD (Associate Professor, Northeastern University College of Computer and Information Science), Erik Emerson (CEO, Symplmed), Mitch Lawrence (EVP, Sales & Marketing, Next IT) and Stacey Higginbotham (Sr. Writer, GigaOM)
  • During this session, innovators at the forefront of healthcare and A.I. will discuss the future of virtual health, shedding light on current challenges as well as opportunities for the future. #sxsw #SXHealth

Hacking Medicine: Pain Points to Pilot (advance registration required)
9:30AM - 1:30PM, AT&T Conference Center

  • Presented by Andrea Ippolito (Co-Leader, MIT Hacking Medicine) and Zen Chu (Faculty Director of MIT Healthcare Ventures & Hacking Medicine, MIT Hacking Medicine)
  • End the workshop with a potential team, new connections, and a hack on its first steps towards disrupting healthcare. As a participant in this hackathon, you will:
    1. Learn how to pitch a pain point specific to healthcare. 
    2. Become part of an ecosystem that is diverse yet enthusiastic about changing healthcare. 
    3. Develop a novel hack for a disruptive solution in healthcare.
    #sxsw #hackmed

Smartphones to Healthphones: A Dr. in Your Pocket
9:30AM - 10:30AM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Presented by Walter De Brouwer (CEO, Scanadu)
  • Within a few years, our phones will passively collect data from our bodies and provide us with recommendations, reminders and potentially warnings that will change healthcare through consumer empowerment. Join Walter de Brouwer as he demos Scout and discusses the smartphone’s role in redefining medicine. #sxsw #Scanadu

Glass: Game Changer for People with Disabilities?
11:00AM - 12:00PM, Hyatt Regency

  • Presented by Jen Quinlan (Sr. Director of Marketing, Mutual Mobile) and JP Gownder (VP, Forrester Research)
  • In this session we will explore how Glass and other wearables can unlock new possibilities for people with vision issues, hearing issues, or decreased mobility of their limbs. We’ll share real users’ stories, explore how wearable tech may address their needs, and look at what’s possible today versus looking into the future. #sxsw #WearablesHelp

Health IT Developer Meet Up
11:00AM - 12:00PM, Driskill Hotel

  • Organized by Fred Trotter (healthcare data journalist)
  • Are you interested in meeting with other Health IT experts? Join this meetup and find like minded souls at SXSW. If you are interested in quantified self, medical devices, electronic health records, health information exchange, consumer health apps, google glasses for surgeons, meaningful use or any other health It buzz word this meetup is for you. #sxsw #HealthIT

Social Health Startup Bootcamp: Investing in Health
2:00PM - 3:00PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Presented by Ryan Olohan (Director of Healthcare, Google), Shwen Gwee (Chief Digital Officer, Chandler Chicco Companies) and Unity Stoakes (President, StartUp Health)
  • Topics to be covered include: 
    - Why NOW is the perfect time to think about the healthcare sector as a viable opportunity to launch a tech startup 
    - What are Google and other investors interested in seeing with new digital health startups
    - Where the future of digital health and health tech is going

I Sing the Body Digital: The Quantified Self
5:00PM - 6:00PM, Hilton Austin Downtown

  • Panel discussion by James B Maas (Chairman of Psychology, Cornell University), John "Ivo" Stivoric (VP of Research & Development, Jawbone), Sarah Robb O'Hagan (President, Equinox) and Sasha Digiulian (professional rock climber)
  • As leaders in the business of high performance living, the participants in this panel will provide a perspective on what it takes to move from data tracking to true systemic behavior change, and what the opportunities are for the tech community to make a meaningful impact in this space. #sxsw #EQXdata