November 19, 2013

How an Open API Program Can Satisfy Customer Needs and Fuel Success


As companies strive to get the most out of their data, opening up their APIs to hopefully spur innovation among developers is a natural step in the right direction. However, as the API market begins to mature, those same companies are starting to look beyond simply providing an open API to developers and watching innovation happen across the spectrum. Instead, businesses are executing highly focused, strategic open API programs that guide developers to serve a specific audience – oftentimes, that audience is the company’s own customers.

One example is Constant Contact, an online marketing software solution with more than 500,000 small business customers. The company recently conducted a survey, which concluded that the major barrier to full mobile adoption among small businesses is time and access to easy-to-use tools. As more and more business goes mobile, without proper tools, these companies could be left behind. In order to prevent such an outcome, companies like Constant Contact are helping to bridge the gap for small businesses trying to go mobile.

Constant Contact created its AppConnect Developer Platform to foster its growing customer base via meaningful partner integrations that satisfy customer needs. With its REST-based, open API, Constant Contact manages a full-fledged technology partner program with more than 10,000 developers actively accessing its API. The program ultimately allows Constant Contact to better serve its small business customers by providing them with integrations and applications from developers, so they can do even more with Constant Contact’s online marketing tools without needing the in-house infrastructure to produce the integrations themselves.

To learn more about how companies can implement API partner programs to better serve customers, join Dave Berard, Product Manager, and Josh Scherman, Senior Manager of Technology Partnerships, at Constant Contact in a 30-minute webinar on Thursday, November 21, complete with a real-life use case and interactive Q&A session. The webinar will also cover ways APIs enable companies to pave the future of innovation and how to get the most value from your API program.  Register for this informative webinar today.