Beerinder Rodey | Solutions Architect
May 28, 2015

Onboard Faster - Reduce Overhead


Building meaningful partner relationships can be tough.  When things are going well on the business side, minimizing integration friction is essential.  Delays from your IT department to provision the right level of data access to your partner can be one of those points of friction.  IT has multiple priorities and a constant queue of requests on their plate, so delays are usually inevitable.  Queue the follow-ups and escalations to IT for a quick turnaround.  We’ve all been there at one point or another – I know you’ve likely got a lot going on, but this shouldn’t take too long, etc. 

The dependence on IT for these requests varies greatly depending on your program’s architectural design, but typically it boils down to business users not having the ability to provision data access for partners.  This is common in most organizations because of the complexity involved with setting up new users.  You may have business assets in various datacenters, across different business units, and living in entirely different environments depending on when they were first set up and deployed.

Imagine now, if there was an interface for business users to log into so they could manage all of this without dependence on other teams or a strong technical background.  Setting up new accounts would take a matter of minutes.  Provisioning access to various business assets and services would be as simple as checking off a few boxes.  You can stop imagining now, and take a look at Mashery’s API Management solution.

We help to remove the chaotic inner processes that would typically be triggered when a new partner is coming on.  What is left then is a simple interface to manage what should be simple tasks. Has your partner signed up for an upgrade?  No problem, pull up their account and move them to a higher tier plan.  Is another partner going above their contractual limits?  Update their account to have a throttle limit.

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