August 11, 2011

The New York Times beta620 Brings APIs to a 360


This week the New York Times announced "beta620". According to the New York Times it is "a new home for experimental projects from Times developers — and a place for anyone to suggest and collaborate on new ideas and new products". Many of the projects created by their team of engineers, journalist, product managers and designers will leverage The New York Times APIs.  One of the apps currently available is a revamped version of the NYTimes Crossword puzzle which uses HTML5 - no fancy plugins required!

While the immediate may not be solved by the beta620 project, the possibilities are quite endless.  We currently have been encouraged to "Think Different" about they way we consume content thanks to iPads, iPhones and the numerous internet ready screens.  These game changing devices are only as good as the applications that are used on them. Having robust and interactive mediums by which we can do everything from reading news to playing games are key to the success of the devices and to the companies creating these apps. The New York Times, since launching their set of APIs, powered by Mashery, has been seen as an innovative leader within the media industry for some time now. The beta620 project is an extension of this innovation and engages readers to be a part of the evolution of the New York Times.

To learn more about the New York Times beta620 project, you can visit its official web home at:

In addition, check out this great article written by Tim Camody for which explores the beta620 project in-depth: