April 11, 2014

Navigating the Shift To Digital Data With TomTom


What if you were able to take core competencies and technologies from within your company and turn them into new revenue streams?

How would you do it, and what tools would you use to manage it? Mapping data has gained new importance in our digital lives as they become more mobile, social and locally focused. Mobile apps and connected devices have opened up a whole new market for companies like TomTom. APIs allow these companies to leverage existing data assets as new products by sharing their valuable data with developers, partners or new business channels.

Peter Moeykens, Fellow, Location Based Services at TomTom, the world's leading supplier of location and navigation products and services, talks about his company’s experience monetizing its data through APIs. In this session, he discusses:

  • The history of location based services and digital mapping
  • The realization that TomTom’s data had outside value
  • How they used APIs to develop products and a new revenue channel
  • Tools for API implementation and management
  • Success with APIs

Want to know more? Click here to view this webinar to find out how you can turn your data into revenue and manage an API program effectively. For more information, contact us.