April 02, 2014

Meet the Vertical Insights Team


Here at Mashery, Intel Software Services, we believe in our API management solution based on the success we’ve seen with customers like Coca-Cola Enterprises, Cisco, and Comcast, to name a few. The acquisition of Mashery expands Intel offerings to include software services to make the connections that share information and intelligence across people and devices.  

Our stuff works, and it doesn’t matter whether your company is large or small, consumer- or partner-driven, healthcare or travel, or none of the above. While we offer the same core product no matter your business, what we don’t believe in is a one-size-fits-all approach to APIs and API management. When you purchase the Mashery solution, you’re also gaining access to a dedicated Vertical Insights team whose job is to ensure that our customers maximize the use of our products and services in the context of their industry. Each industry has different pain points and obstacles, and we’re here to help you navigate your distinctive industry path.

To give you an insider’s view of this unique team, we caught up with our Director of Vertical Insights, Chuck Freedman:

Why is there a Vertical Insights team?

The Vertical Insights team is a collective effort to harness and organize the knowledge we get from industry analysis and directly from our customers. We can then take that curated information and distribute it throughout the organization for internal education, and most importantly, back to customers so they can use our products and services to their utmost capabilities and directly benefit. While it’s common in business to focus on competition, the strength of Mashery and the nature of APIs is to recognize what complements a business. Our team is comprised of the top API strategists across Intel, capable of researching activity across industries to understand platform goals and innovations.  With such an incredible footprint in several verticals, some of our greatest findings occur when we’ve recognized how our customers in a specific industry succeed with the tools we provide them.

The Mashery solution backs industry-leading API management tools with unparalleled support and services to help our customers’ platforms grow. Our team of Customer Program Success Managers (CPSMs) is the frontline for a fleet of Customer Success team members, which includes technical support, professional services and implementation, all with the paramount goal of helping customers maintain and expand their programs.

What value does the Vertical Insights team deliver?

This team is centralizing and sharing knowledge with customers to help them grow valuable and competitive API programs within their respective industries, while helping them optimize their API offerings for partners and developers. This exceptional level of support dives deep into industry analysis across organizations within the company, while pooling understanding of how Mashery, Intel Software Services are maximizing potential throughout our customer network. We gather information through conversations and research from customer roundtables and industry events. Attending and participating in events, like the PhoCusWright conference for the travel industry and the mHealth Summit for healthcare innovators, is another way we are gathering insights. Additionally, we talk with innovators in our vast developer network who offer insight on how customers can best deliver data and services to them through a strategic API program. It’s a valuable and unparalleled perspective only Mashery can provide.

Why should you engage with the Vertical Insights team?

Our team is here and dedicated to customer support – that means we work for your success. Customers are invited to talk with us, inquire about best practices, and share knowledge on how Mashery, Intel Software Services can work best for them. As we expand our Vertical Insights efforts, I look forward to working directly with our incredible network of iconic companies to expand API programs and drive platform success.

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