Chris Lippi | VP, Products
April 22, 2011

Mashery Customers Unaffected by Amazon Outage


As you may know, Amazon Web Services (AWS) East is suffering a severe partial service disruption that began the morning of Thursday, April 21, and as a result many popular websites have experienced service degradation. Although the Mashery Enterprise Network utilizes AWS East and we route many clients through it, the API traffic management, API administration consoles, and developer-facing API portals of all Mashery customers—including Netflix, Best Buy, and the New York Times—remain unaffected and fully available.

We have designed the Mashery API Management platform for resiliency to ensure we meet our high service-level commitments. Specifically, we utilize multiple availability zones so we can fall over to alternate regions or portions of our network. We've been deployed in production on AWS for over 4 years and are experienced in configuring our service to insulate our customers from these types of outages. As always, we are actively monitoring the health of our service and are paying special attention to our AWS traffic. Again, as of this time, neither Mashery nor any Mashery customer has suffered a service disruption.