Neil Mansilla | Director, Developer Platform and Partnerships
November 17, 2011

Mashery API Explorer - A Compass That Guides Developers Directly to the Gold


Today, we are announcing the Mashery API Explorer, a new, free way for developers to discover and test APIs from dozens of companies including USA TODAY, Yellow Pages Group, Hotwire,, and Klout. Mashery API Explorer is the first API discovery tool that automatically and securely populates API keys for developers across multiple API platforms.

Developers want to get hands on quickly with new APIs -- not read about them. Our goal with the explorer is to get developers making their first API call in 10-minutes or less using their Mashery ID. Our API explorer allows developers to sign-in securely with a single ID, then begin testing with live API calls, delivering comprehensive method and parameter descriptions, and auto-populating their API keys across all Mashery-made APIs.
In addition, we also feature APIs that have been contributed from the developer community back to our open source I/O Docs project on GitHub. LinkedIn, SimpleGeo, SendGrid, and Spotify APIs have also had their APIs configured using the I/O Docs format, which combines technical documentation and testing in one convenient place.

If you are a developer integrating with APIs, head over to our API explorer at to kick the tires. API providers who want to be listed in the Mashery API Explorer can contact the developer relations team at Mashery or head straight to the I/O Docs GitHub project at