February 26, 2014

Mashery Advances Mobile Operator IoT Opportunity with OneAPI


Mashery has supported scalable technologies and ecosystems that help drive transformations in computing for decades now—from intelligent devices  (PCs, phones, tablets, embedded devices), to the Internet and cloud-based technologies, to the data center and big data. That’s why we’re excited that GSMA and Mashery are aligning at Mobile World Congress 2014 to seek greater opportunity for APIs as a strategic opportunity for service providers, enterprises, and developers.  Specifically, Mashery will be the operator of the OneAPI Gateway on behalf of the GSMA – for both current and future deployments.

Using Mashery's API Gateway, Mashery has been bringing API-based services to the operator ecosystem, and is effectively broadening that scope and potential of mobile business by assuming the ongoing operations of existing OneAPI customers TELUS, Rogers Communications, and Bell Mobility, as well as all future deployments, to keep pace with connected devices and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

Mashery is focusing its robust ecosystem, research and development, and portfolio of silicon, software, and services technologies on enabling businesses and consumers to benefit from the Internet of Things and the increasingly connected world. Mashery is committed to delivering integrated, scalable software solutions, and services designed to meet diverse market needs from edge devices to the cloud to the data center. Mashery is also focused on addressing potential fragmentation, interoperability, and security challenges that lie ahead as mobile operators serve as the “last mile” of connectivity to thousands of devices and sensors connecting hundreds of systems across the enterprises that make up the industrial Internet of Things.

Mashery provides service providers and developers with software and services to speed time to market and get businesses engaged with the mobile connected world and IoT. These services allow every business to become an API-based “platform” that drives efficiency and accelerates growth through existing and new channels, using a full range of social, mobile, analytic, and cloud-based platforms, from the data center to the device—any time, anywhere.