April 11, 2011

Listen to API Economy Podcast: Building Value Through Open, and Securing That Value


I participated in a fun, insightful API panel today hosted by Focus IT Roundtable, where we discussed the value and risks that developers and API providers face in the API ecosystem.

The API panelists included me, Mashery's Delyn Simons, Apigee's Sam Ramji, Alcatel-Lucent's Mike Maney, and was moderated by Ben Kepes.

Topics included:

  • The value of APIs to API providers, API developers, and app consumers

  • The Golden Rule: Partnering with developers as you would like others to partner with you

  • APIs moving into Enterprise 2.0 and the mainstream

  • Echos of the 90's open source movement and website development in API ecosystem

  • Addressing risk inherent to both API developers and API consumers

  • Securing your API so it is open and secure

  • Crystal ball gazing: The future of the API economy

The API Open Economy podcast is ready for your listening pleasure. Look forward to talking to more developers and API providers at upcoming events in April and May where we can continue our dialogue and getting feedback from you!

-Delyn http://developer.mashery.com