Tom St. Onge | VP, Business Development
November 07, 2013

Keeping it Open


There's no denying it. The API market is hot.  This isn't news to us. We've been talking about the importance of APIs since 2006.  The topic has again been brought to the forefront with Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Apiphany.

Large corporations have taken notice of API management companies and there is a serious land grab happening.  Some of the big players out there are looking for an easy fix.  They want a quick way to check a box saying they have API management and strategy solutions.   Here at Mashery (and in turn our parent company Intel), we know that you need a lot more than just a simple feature or an appliance.  No matter how hot the market is, a successful API management company, needs to have the right approach.

So what is the right approach? What APIs do for a company is crucial.  Businesses are opening and retooling their platforms to launch their APIs as a business. That said, the other crucial component to a successful API program is developers. 

I can’t stress this enough when I say the only way to achieve success in this space is to be open and flexible for developers.  Developers need to have access to data and the ability to build programs without constraint.  At Mashery we live and die by our developer communities. Developers are the new business development executives in the API economy. They are the true innovators, as they find new ways of building services, relationships and business models in near real-time. 

Having a Mashery developer badge enables developers to move freely across our platform providing innovation for new products and services that is shared across the Mashery network.  Our single pane of glass approach to API management provides any size organization with the technology to manage their API’s as a business.

As a result of our flexibility and openness, there has been a major shift in the business of APIs.  Developers are stepping up and changing the dialogue.  They now have a voice and a seat at the table.  Their opinions, thoughts, decisions are just as important as those of marketers, sales people and business development executives. They are the true champions of API programs and we couldn’t be prouder of what they have accomplished in the API space. 

Open networks, flexibility and innovation.  That is what attracted Intel to Mashery when the acquisition was announced in May.  As for what’s going to happen with Microsoft and Apiphany, our best guess is that it will be absorbed into Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform, as they are no longer signing up new customers.  It’s pretty obvious that Apiphany, under Microsoft, will be taking a very different approach than us here at Mashery/Intel. 

As a leader in the API management space, we look forward to partnering with others to help connect developers and business relationships in the global network of APIs.

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