July 23, 2012

Its a Wrap: Intel Services Introduces I/O Wraps & I/O Alfred


We recently announced I/O Wraps and I/O Alfred, two developer tools launched to the open source community last week at OSCON.

One of the many things that sets Intel Services apart in the API management market is our commitment to the full API lifecycle, from conception to consumption. Our API evangelists specialize in the critical task of being a valued resource to the developer community, who use our customers' APIs to create amazing applications, used by people all over the world. These new tools, along with I/O Docs, round out our API Power Tools suite, and prove that our developer outreach doesn't just add dialogue to the developer market -- it adds solutions.

Watch a quick video demo here:

Below is a recent press release, aligned with a chance for the open source community to toast our tools at the Intel Services-sponsored PDX API-Hour. Made with love by developers for developers, I/O Wraps and I/O Alfred are creating such a buzz in our community that the press have already been writing about our how our tools give back: http://blog.programmableweb.com/2012/07/17/today-in-apis-stormpath-mashery-and-16-new-apis/