Devon Biondi | VP, Strategy Services
September 19, 2013

Introduction to Strategy Services


This post orginally appeared on Mashery's Strategy Services team blog.

In 2010 Mashery was already in its 4th year leading the industry with API Management. We heard a distinct need from our growing customer network; with the proper technical infrastructure in place, companies were asking for a deeper understanding of how they could achieve greater success with their API programs. How could they engage customers, employees, partners and developers that would drive value back to their company?  What did success look like and how could they measure it?

With that Mashery arose to the challenge and thus we, the Mashery Strategy Services Team, were born.  We were chartered with the mission to drive success for Mashery clients by aligning their API program with their broader business strategies, whether that be driving revenue, creating high value partnerships, increasing distribution channels or brand recognition.  

Similar to the A Team, we posses a diverse set of skills that include Web 2.0, API development, architecture, business development, marketing, analytics, evangelism and competitive intelligence.  The extensive and diverse experience of our team allows us to partner with our customers to uncover valuable growth strategies and formulate initiatives that maximize the value of digital assets to create better internal, partner and end user experiences.  We offer valuable implementation support and advisory services to make sure our customers’ API programs deliver value quickly and consistently.  You can learn more about our team here

Today we have helped some of the world’s leading companies define their API potential and bring their programs to market, successfully achieving their business goals.  We have extensive experience deploying rapid and impactful API programs for businesses within retail, media, fashion, healthcare, and technology.

We our excited to start this new blog where we can share the expertise and methodology we’ve established guiding our customers to platform success. We hope our current and future customers will find it a place to stay up-to-date with the very best case practices and deep level of research we collect everyday driving success with the API programs we are fortunate to work with. Check back frequently and follow our team @APIStrategy. And if you ever find yourself wanting to learn more don’t hesitate to reach out to us

Mashery Strategy Services