Oren Michels | Co-Founder & GM
July 22, 2014

Introducing The Next Evolution of API Management


As quickly as our world evolves towards an ever-connected era of wearables, big data, and the Internet of Things, enterprises are looking to tap these new innovations to continue the evolution that began with API-powered mobile, tablet, and web applications. As always, the goals are to streamline, to grow, and to compete more effectively.

Fortunately, for companies that have already implemented successful API programs, this new hyper-connected enterprise is not so different from the way of business that API’s already enable: growing online distribution channels, opening doors to even more revenue streams, and reducing IT costs both internally and externally.

Enterprises today insist on API programs with a high degree of reliability, scalability, and speed for smooth and economic business transformations, and now more of these organizations are also demanding new capabilities from their API management platforms.

A little over a year ago, Mashery became part of Intel. We have spent that time working with our new colleagues to understand the new opportunities that come with being part of a large, global company, and one of the top ten brands on the planet.

As part of the Intel Services Division, we have been able to continue building on what made Mashery great to begin with-such as our market leadership as inventors of API management as a service, our amazing team, our phenomenal customer base and our 342,000 strong developer network-and build deep integration with the technology and talent of Intel’s Aepona and Expressway Gateway teams.

Today, we are updating our branding to reflect this change. Mashery isn’t going anywhere – quite the contrary. The people and the product remain. Intel Mashery API Management is the same great platform, now with the added power of Intel, its team, and vision. The new Intel Mashery branding will encompass all of our API management products and services, including the Expressway Gateway and Aepona platform. This is a natural evolution based on the changing demands we are seeing in the market. As analysts have said on multiple occasions, the traditional “gateway” business can no longer stand on its own without API management, and the best API management platform will be the one that brings the best of what was traditionally “API management” and “gateways” together with a single, unified management interface.

Which brings us to today’s bigger announcement: API Management 2.0. This is an entirely new management interface and dashboard, built from the ground up to provide more flexibility, more powerful management features, new reporting options, and a comprehensive set of APIs for true cross-enterprise API management, all under the Intel Services umbrella. This is without a doubt our most exciting launch since we first debuted API management over eight years ago.

Going forward, our platform will give us the flexibility to accelerate new releases. The most sophisticated enterprise customers will have the capabilities that are required to operate at scale. And since we are part of Intel, we will help deliver on the stated intent of our CEO, Bryan Krzanich, to invest in the explosive API growth that will come with billions of new connected devices over the next several years. As BK has said, Intel is making a considerable investment in IoT, an investment that is already paying off in significant revenue growth.

APIs have always been key to helping businesses grow faster in the connected world. We’ve seen large enterprises like Best Buy, Aetna, Sabre and Coca Cola Enterprises thrive with new partners, channels, or markets, using APIs to rapidly create internal and external API “customers” that can fuel innovation with the urgency required by today’s competitive markets. These powerful extensions of the business can be vast and broad. But orchestrating all this need not be so challenging. Well-managed APIs can safely and easily transform core business services into an enterprise-wide API platform for developers, partners, and employees.

As we evolved the Intel Mashery API management platform for our 300 customers, we also evolved the idea of API management itself: how to manage partners with APIs, manage APIs as products, and eventually run entire hyper-connected businesses based on APIs.

The use of APIs is evolving again today, as we look to connect every element of the enterprise with every other - marketing or finance or operational technology – to deliver insight and competitive advantage. API Management is evolving too, enabling enterprises to better create, distribute, and manage APIs, and use them to derive key insights for success.   

The Next Evolution of API management has five key elements:

  • API management is complete. Good APIs and their programs are managed to cover all aspects of the API lifecycle from creation to consumption.
  • API management is built for scale.  A thoughtful platform will take into account the various resources necessary, whether it’s through processes or personnel, to grow your API program and help you do it painlessly.  
  • API management is simple, which is to say that well-managed APIs make owning an API program a less confusing business with the help of our API Control Center, and no IT or coding required.  
  • API management is flexible. Well-managed API programs work within your IT requirements for hardened security protocols to deflect attacks and ensure standards are followed, allowing you to securely expose data and content to partners.
  • Finally, API management works for developers. Any successful API program must be able to socialize APIs to developer communities, whether those are employees or the largest developer community in the API management industry.

This next evolution of API management is about providing the ability for executive stakeholders to make fast decisions on very complex global ecosystems and information. APIs are how Intel Services enables the delivery of next generation of computing with software services and platforms that connect everything. This is the new industry standard. We know because we’ve been at the forefront of API management for over eight years. And we’ve never been more excited about it than we are today.