April 25, 2014

Making a Difference Behind the Scenes


When most people think about APIs, they think about the publicly visible ones from some of the most popular companies around that receive all the fanfare and news coverage. However, the majority of APIs in existence today (about 90%) are for internal or private projects.

That makes sense because internal API initiatives help enterprises become more efficient in aspects such as core product development, recruiting and retention of technical talent, deployment, logistics and customer service.

But just as public API platforms do, internal API platforms need to be maintained and promoted.

Join Delyn Simons, Mashery’s Vice President of Developer Platform, to learn how successful enterprises are doubling down on their API investment by focusing on their internal API program.

In the Accelerating the Velocity of Your Internal APIs webinar you will learn:

  • Best practices in attracting internal developers to use your API
  • Private hackathons for both internal and partner developers
  • Case studies from successful internal API initiatives from across the industry

Interested? Click here to view the webinar to find out how you can increase the value of your internal API program. For more information, contact our Strategy Services team.