June 07, 2011

iCloud, You Cloud, We All Cloud.


With all of the flair that only Apple could bring, they have announced "iCloud". A place where one can store and stream their photos, music, email, calendar and more without the worries of ever being out of sync.

What's makes this new Apple product so interesting is that it has officially brought the notion of "The Cloud" to the mainstream consumer. In a way, it's "iRonic" that this announcement comes at a time when essentially we've all been living in "The Cloud" for years now, it just took Apple to bring it to our attention.

Think about it: Do you Facebook? You Cloud. Do you YouTube? You Cloud. Do you Tweet? You Cloud. Do you use GMail, Yahoo Mail or AOL Mail? You Cloud! At Mashery, we've been "Clouding" since our existence. We been using Amazon's Web Services, which is in the cloud, since 2006, and have always been ready to expand our business and infrastructure whenever we needed to.

The cloud provides a place for any company to not be limited by the demands of hardware or software. If your cloud strategy is aligned with your technical and business strategy, or API strategy, you can leverage the cloud to use your content/data/inventory/news, or whatever is core to your business, in ways that only thousands of eager developers can imagine.

So as of today, iCloud, You Cloud, We All Cloud. We're movin' on up to a deluxe apartment in the SKY!!!! Oh Yeah!!!!!