Sara Reiner | Contributor
August 06, 2013

How USA Today's API Powers Partnerships


As one of the first media companies to open an API, USA TODAY has been able to negotiate and execute new partnerships with distributors, device makers, and agencies, faster than ever before.

Speed to Market

By having an API, USA TODAY has been able quickly bring it's content to the multitude of connected devices ranging from iPads to Samsung Refrigerators.

Partner Support

Through the USA TODAY Partner Portal, partners can engage with the USA TODAY API leveraging tools, such as Mashery I/O Docs, to help them engage with the content provided via the USA TODAY API.

Embrace the API, Become a Platform

USA TODAY has become more than just a newspaper company, it is now a media platform which is able to distribute its content anywhere and on any screen.

Join us for an in-depth look at how USA TODAY uses its API to be where consumers are.