Sarah-Jane Morris | Technical Writer and Developer Community Manager
February 01, 2013

How to Rock your first Hackathon: Tools and Resources


A couple of weeks ago, Adria Richards (West Coast Developer Evangelist with our friends at SendGrid) hosted Girl Develop Its’ “How to Rock Your First Hackathon”.

She went through some of the key resources anyone should have ready (not just the ladies) for your first hackathon:

Learn To Code Resources

Text/Code Editors 
With text editors, you should look for plugins and cross platform compatibility. Adria recommends: 

Wireframe Tools 
These are essential for mocking up your app/web service:

File Sharing
Adria recommended not waiting too long to consolidate front end and back end files at hackathons. Having a central repository for all files helps make this seamless. 

Web Hosting
hese are all platforms that can host your hacks. Select based on programming language/platform you’re building on.

Mobile Development - for mobile app building:

Web Design Templates that are responsive and mobile:

 - a great way to get customer validation and data for your pitch:

Finally, here’s Adria’s slides from that night to get you motivated to attend a hackathon - after all, now you have all the tools you need to rock it!

Here are Adria’s slides from that night to get you motivated to attend or host and rock a hackathon.