May 31, 2011

Hotels for Eat, Sleep and REST(ful)


It’s always a good day at Mashery when we see a customer go live with a new API. Fortunately, that means a lot of good days around our offices.

One of the most recent launches….Expedia Affiliate Network’s new Hotel API. The updated API (version 3) is 30% faster and can accommodate 88% more request types. Plus, its restructured schema is more logical and contains lighter responses for mobile friendliness. In fact, one of the most successful travel apps on the market, Expedia’s hotel booking app, was built and initially launched using EAN’s version 3 hotel API.

Expedia Affiliate Network already powers more than 10,000 private label partners globally, providing access to Expedia's highly competitive travel products, including hotels, packages, car, and flights to affiliates worldwide.

Prior to the Version 3 API, partners had to pass through a number of hurdles (tax forms, contracts, data access etc.) before even beginning to think about building an app. With the new Developer Hub, EAN’s resource center for all things developer, the benefits of owning a slice of the online hotel bookings pie (and it’s a really big pie) can now be enjoyed by any developer with an idea and innovation to build a winning booking app.

The easier development and mobile acceleration in the new API can only mean that we’ll see even more exciting things from the Expedia Affiliate Network and developers looking to enter the travel arena.

Congrats to EAN on the new launch. For more details on the EAN API, visit