Oren Michels | Co-Founder & GM
July 23, 2012

Grown Up APIs, and a Grown-up Company: The Bigger Stage for Mashery


Six short years ago I started Mashery from a hotel lobby as an extension of how I thought I would scale my previous startup through these software connectors called APIs. That eventually became a daily lesson of teaching those I met with how to spell API, how to build one, and how to eventually double or triple their business online with these things. These days I don’t have to spell API very often, and in the past two years we’ve seen a phenomenal shift in the amount of knowledge about the importance of APIs inside the companies we work with. We’ve solidified this market and grown up a whole lot as a company. This is why today we announced that Mashery has taken $10 million in funding from our investors to do with this company what the market needs, and to be able to offer our customers the same level of commitment to API success that we’ve become known for.

Our business has evolved from the days where we explained this three-letter thing, that essentially pays for itself in about one or two quarters and then becomes a free money generator, and then collected a signature. The advent of the iPhone inside offices was a great problem for us. The iPad was a better one. Mobile app usage volume within most companies has made it so that more apps are being written, and companies need to access their own data and assets, as well as give them to partners. Companies are now using APIs as their product. There’s more of a sense that people are waking up to APIs quicker and more often.

Just two years ago, APIs were this gold mine for whomever bought our services, and we now spend some time sitting down with a few business units to explain how they can all use our platform and all still each get credit for the phenomenal business transformation APIs bring them. Again, a good problem to have, and we’ve been working with some of biggest names in business across multiple brand divisions as a result. By now you’ve probably also noticed that this funding news came with a beautiful trim around it: a brand new website, which I love because it beautifully explains to more of these sophisticated companies what APIs can do for them.

One thing we have done right along the way was to stay focused on what’s right for the platform and what helps bring everything along together. Successful implementations have been our primary goal with customers – we haven’t promised a bunch of features to one customer in exchange for professional services money. The fast and simple technology implementation Mashery offers is a rarity among Fortune 100 companies, and giving them that breath of fresh air is a wonderful thing. We have some really big and sophisticated companies signed up today, and we are now growing to help support those as well as we support anyone. Last year we developed an on-premise product because it was something that we realized we needed to do for these customers. This funding will help us stay on the path of what helps us be a successful partner with anyone who needs APIs.

We still meet folks at Fortune 500 companies who are astonished that we can work through all the red tape of a procurement department and be up and running with such a thing within the quarter, when they just walked out of a meeting with a consulting firm asking for 10 times as much money to deliver an API management platform that would prototype in 6-8 months. But that’s why we’re in this game, and we look forward to helping more companies be more customer-focused with apps that grant wishes; and drive them to lead in their own market, just like we’re doing in ours.