June 21, 2013

Get packing with Mashery's API Packager


As you think about how to improve your API strategy, you’re probably hearing that you should manage your APIs as products.  But what does that mean and how do you do it?  First, it means you should apply both business and technical processes to your API program with the same amount of rigor as you would for any other product that’s core to your business.  Second, just as you would anticipate how to manage complexity as that product grows, you need to do the same for your API program.  You should expect having various types of partners and developers that will want different services from your API.  And as it is essential to provide different products for different customer segments, so it is with your API.  API Packager is a key tool in helping you solve these problems.  It lets you easily create different plans and packages from your API, without any coding.  This gives you flexibility and quicker time to market without further straining your IT resources.  Check out the demo for API Packager to see more.