Jason Cormier | Director of Strategy and Business Development, Australia
August 13, 2015

Gartner AADI Down Under


The Asia Pacific region has become a hotbed of API related activity recently. With Mashery signing up new customers recently in Japan, India and Singapore we're seeing the emergence of a new, vibrant digital economy - one that is rapidly catching up to the North American market. It's a region that is ready to do business, and smart Asian companies are already thinking about how APIs are an essential tool for growth. 

So it was with great excitement that the Mashery team made up of executives from Australia and the US descended upon Sydney, Australia to attend the Asia Pacific Gartner AADI conference in July. Gartner remains a very influential player in the API space, having recently released its latest Application Services Governance Magic Quadrant, in which Mashery earned the highest execution score and was named a Leader.

We expected going in that API management would be a topic of conversation.

But what surprised us was just how much of an API centric event Gartner AADI had become.

What was driving all of this discussion of APIs? Gartner polled conference attendees asking what the key digital business enabler was for their organization:

The majority of attendees were looking to address challenges and recognize opportunities around business integrations. By extension, APIs came up repeatedly in discussions around how to facilitate integrations.

However, there were two insights that really led us to believe that the Gartner AADI Conference had, in effect, become the Gartner API Conference:

1. The API themed talks were the most popular by a wide margin. Put on a talk about APIs? You were looking at standing room only.

Mashery experienced this effect firsthand, we hosted an API themed VIP lunch in conjunction with our Australian customer MYOB which was overbooked by 20% - arguably the most sought after ticket at the event!

2. If you took a walk through vendor alley, you'd see that almost every single vendor highlighted the importance of the API in the digital business solution stack. The obvious API vendors were there, CA Technologies, Axway and Mulesoft - but we also saw API management offerings from companies like Dell, Tibco, and Oracle. In fact, we were hard pressed to find someone who wasn't going out of their way to show they provided some level of API management solution as part of their offering.

So what does it all mean for Mashery?

On the one hand, welcome to the party! Mashery invented API management way back in 2006 and it's great to see more validation around what we've been preaching for many years now. The fact that every middleware solution provider is offering an API management solution is testament to the growing acceptance of APIs as business tools, and APIs as products. The more that message gets out the better it is for all vendors in this space and in this region - the Asia Pacific market is growing rapidly, and customers now have even more choice around what tools they can use.