Devon Biondi | VP, Strategy Services
August 08, 2013

The Future of Medical Technology is Already in Your Hands


We’ve seen it in Science Fiction, phones and other mobile devices detecting diseases or viruses in our bodies. But what was once fantasy is quickly becoming a reality with new smartphone apps that can detect allergens and disease-causing molecules.

These biosensors are created by placing a smartphone in a cradle containing a series of optical lens and filters, a standard glass microscope slide and an app you simply download to your phone.

If you have a food allergy this could mean the difference between enjoying a night out or ending up in a hospital. Such apps, like one reported on by the Associated Press, can help you analyze your food on-the-go. Helping to give piece of mind that your food is safe to eat instead of limiting yourself to a few known safe items on the menu. Are the cookies at your child’s birthday party safe to eat for children with peanut allergies? There will soon be an app for that.

Apps like these will soon allow you to check your medical status without having to go a doctor or speed up the process if you do. Blood analysis tests are very expensive, even with insurance, but new apps will make detection of many diseases inexpensive, rapid and commonplace.

Ensuring Safety and Effectiveness with API Management

With new medical technologies being created, businesses and mobile developers are about to see a rise in demand for new apps. These developers may understand mobile technology, but may not have a full understanding of the medical technology that needs to be embedded to make their apps effective. This is where API management comes into focus.

Producers of these biosensor systems will need to make sure that their technology can be seamlessly integrated without error into third-party systems. Any degradation of service or complications with installation can have serious consequences; including death.

Risk of defective apps can be highly mitigated with proper API management. Biosensor apps using technology should be tested and proven to work across multiple devices and environments. Allowing mobile developers to use APIs of verified applications in order to produce products that are safe and effective for their customers.

Just like our phones, televisions and computers becoming a single device with increasing computing power our medical devices will soon be in the palm of our hands alongside our social media and gaming apps. Now more than ever it is imperative that our technologies can speak with each other without any hiccups. Our technologies are all puzzle pieces and proper API management will glue those pieces together and ensure the safety of their users.