July 05, 2011

Future of Hospital: Virtual Clinic?


Few months ago, I was sitting at the Entrepreneurship class in business school and one student came up with this idea of creating a smartphone app that will help patients in remote area to send their photo for mobile doctor consultation.

Few weeks ago, I found this startup called “Social27”, which enables companies to host virtual events such as conferences and trade shows. 

Today, I read this article about “Future of Hospital Apps” that features the prototype iPad patient care app.

With all that in mind, I cannot but imagine how cool it would be if hospitals start to run their virtual clinics to make them more accessible and efficient. I would rather send the photos and videos of my symptom to the hospital that I know than the mobile healthcare doctor whom I never heard of. It could be as simple as email consultation to real-time video chat (Google WebRTC powered?) with doctors. Then doctors could send me prescription via iPad app then I will bring them to pharmacy to get my medication.

The virtual clinic could also be utilized for post-patient care after discharge. Patients will have monthly check-up through virtual meeting with their own doctors instead of going to the hospital.

Then I will pay my bill through mobile as well after consultation.