July 11, 2013

Five Apps to Celebrate iTunes' Fifth Anniversary


On Wednesday, iTunes with its App Store turned five years old. In just half a decade, the digital library has revolutionized our access to information, the ways we use our phones, and our expectations for solutions to even the most minuscule of problems. Before the App Store, would you have thought repelling mosquitos or ensuring a board is level could be as simple as downloading an app?

According to USA TODAY, more than 50 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store, and more than 900,000 apps are currently available.

iTunes has been a catalyst to the acceleration and growth of app adoption, which only makes for a more convincing argument for using APIs. APIs can help companies push forward in the mobile space, and API management makes monitoring those APIs as simple as pressing a button. And while USA TODAY predicts that as apps become smarter and more complex, they will begin to behave and have features more like websites, the case for APIs becomes stronger.

A lot of apps found on iTunes are powered by Mashery. To celebrate iTunes’ fifth anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of five apps integrated with Mashery-powered APIs. Check them out now – as evidenced by iTunes’ short history, evolution in the space happens fast, and one can only imagine how these apps will transform in another five years. 

  1. Pop Candy: One of USA TODAY’s own apps, Pop Candy is a place to see and share cult favorites like movies, comic books, links, and any other indie entertainment users love.
  2. LIVEBOARD: Powered by OpenClove, this app provides free group video chat for up to nine users, allowing people to share pictures, interact with a live sketch pad, and text chat all at the same time.
  3. EveryMove: Finding the motivation to be active just got easier with this app that rewards you for physical activities you do every day. EveryMove integrates with APIs like ACTIVE and BodyMedia to provide a well rounded experience.
  4. JAMBASE: This app utilizes JamBase’s unparalleled database of live music information to let you find out about concerts in your area.
  5. Tour for Rdio: If you can’t get to a concert, you can still discover the latest popular music with Tour for Rdio. This app integrates with Rdio’s API to livestream new music tailored to your personal preferences.

App-y birthday, iTunes!