Sara Reiner | Contributor
October 02, 2013

The Enterprise Architect's Dilemma


Whether it's to participate in the growing App Economy or to transform business into a platform, enterprise companies must expose more of their data.  By exposing information assets through APIs, enterprises can outsource innovation beyond its own walls. However, exposing data opens up many API security concerns.  

In this webinar, John Oberon, VP of Engineering at Mashery, discusses what keeps an enterprise architect awake at night and the factors involved to maintain the security balance. He talks about the enterprise architect's paranoia list, how to mitigate risks when exposing data and how to maintain control and how API Management can help expose enterprise assets securely.

Oberon talks about how given the right tools, enterprises are able to achieve critical mass even while the rules are being rewritten. As API calls climb higher at enterprises as more data is exposed via APIs, architects want to make sure that they enable a solution like Mashery that delivers a highly usable developer portal and the certification needed for nonstop connected business.

Mashery's Packager is a critical piece of the solution for overcoming the enterprise architect’s dilemma—the future-proofed architecture that maximizes RESTful architecture to help their companies achieve critical mass as they expose more data through APIs. The  allows companies, as Oberon describes, “To configure APIs for apps without having to change the backend, which drives down costs, increases response times, and ensures companies activate best practices.”