July 20, 2014

Disrupting the Disruption


Alan Kay, an esteemed computer scientist and MIT professor once said that “the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” This notion is a hallmark of Mashery's culture—from our next generation chips to our API management solutions, it’s with this spirit that we regularly introduce new products and disruptive technologies to the market. 2014 has been no exception, and with our perpetual commitment to innovation, we are excited to reintroduce Intel Services—the division that brings together the market strengths of Mashery, Aepona, and Intel Expressway API expertise.

Mashery’s Evolution

Mashery was born out of key business needs in the market to enable faster app development and partner growth, provide better and more secure application programming interface (API) performance, and deliver data-powered insights. We envision a world in which, quite literally, everything connects with relevant data to deliver amazing and secure computing experiences. To further our vision, we build products that allow our customers to make those connections, while delivering customer success with world-class operations.

Our strength comes from the combined assets of key acquisitions that Intel made in the software market last year, coupled with support from other Intel divisions. In 2013, Intel acquired Mashery and Aepona—companies that had been key Intel partners for delivering API management and monetization solutions. Mashery is the inventor of API management and the world’s leading provider of API technology and services. The Mashery global API delivery network supports over 95,000 active applications built by more than 290,000 developers. With a unique multitenant SaaS platform, Mashery’s solutions fueled Intel’s mission to connect anyone, anywhere, and from any device, by empowering the physical world with connections to the virtual world. Aepona’s award-winning platform allows service providers to more easily open up their networks to developers by leveraging common language APIs, and giving the developers the access they need to better create services that the network providers can deliver to customers. Aepona’s software not only gives the service providers more avenues to monetize their networks, but also better ways to manage them. With Aepona technology, Intel Services can now help its customers monetize their APIs, while improving their API integrations.

Intel Services already boasts an impressive list of customers, and we believe our customers tell our story best. Our market-leading API Management solutions allow customers like Coca-Cola Enterprises to extend multiple parts of its business—from sales to finance—to mobile platforms. Many of our customers see their API programs translate into significant revenue gains. TomTom, for example, can unlock existing data assets and offer them as a service via APIs to paying customers. APIs are also instrumental in fueling key business partnerships by facilitating robust partner ecosystems and satisfying partner demands for information and digital assets quickly. With its API program, Cisco has increased stickiness with its vast partner network, which accounts for more than 80 percent of Cisco’s revenue. You can learn more about Intel Services’ customer success stories here.

TIBCO Mashery's product portfolio consists of solutions that connect information and intelligence across people and devices, with TIBCO's API Gateway, API Strategy Services, and Technical Support.. Our new product portfolio will be showcased at key tech industry events around the globe throughout this year.

As a cornerstone of our thought leadership in the marketplace, Intel Services is proud to present the seventh annual Business of APIs conference in New York on Oct. 8, and London, UK, on Oct. 29, which targets C-suite executives and explores the business value of agile technologies like APIs. Soon, conference agendas will appear on the BAPI website.

The Future of TIBCO Mashery

The market continues to be disrupted at a pace that makes constant innovation and the use of new technologies a requirement for doing business across virtually all industry verticals. Our culture of constant innovation has prepared us to succeed in this environment.

How will we do it? By delivering technology and services that fundamentally reshape how millions of people around the world interact. From our chips to the cloud (and everywhere in between), we endeavor to offer solutions that will elevate business connectivity everywhere.