MichaelAnthony Capri | Customer Program Success Manager
February 04, 2014

Introducing One of Mashery's Customer Program Success Managers


Over two years ago, I became Mashery’s first customer program success manager (CPSM), and I’m excited to introduce myself to you today. I’m MichaelAnthony Capri, and I joined Mashery because we both share a passion for customer success.

Mashery’s API Management platform was designed to ease all the pains associated with implementing a powerful API program, and we are committed to making sure that happens for customers of all sizes and industries. We know we’ve done our jobs well when our customers are excited to tell us about their programs’ growth, increases in revenue and efficiency, or successes in extending to mobile and the cloud, to name a few. You can watch and read those success stories on the Mashery website here.

My team’s part in all of this is ensuring that our customers maximize the value that they receive from Mashery.  I am the main point of contact for any of their API management needs, as well as ensuring program adoption and reviewing available Mashery solution components that address specific business requirements. Each of the CPSMs support and are experts in specific industries so we can best meet our customers’ needs. I focus on the media and entertainment industry.  I have the pleasure of learning and working with industry leaders that I use/consume on a daily basis.  Mashery plays a major part in the many ideas that we discuss and when I see these ideas come to fruition it makes my job that much more rewarding. 

I’m thrilled to be a part of the strong customer culture and community at Mashery, and am happy we’ve had this chance to meet. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions on API programs or the media and entertainment industry. I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you on the ground at one of Mashery’s many events and hackathons!