May 28, 2011

Could Google Wallet FasTrak My Shopping?


This week Google announced their "Google Wallet", a one tap, one app solution for making purchases with your Android OS NFC-enabled mobile phone.

This is not a commerce website shrunk down to phone size (we certainly have plenty of those). This is turning your cell phone into a Fastrak (E-ZPass for east coasters) for any purchases, anywhere. While currently only being tested in the field, the expectation is that it will launch some time in the summer.

While there are others who are focusing on privacy issues, which phones it will, or will not, work on, I'm wondering what apps will be born from Google Wallet and which APIs will drive innovation.

Google Wallet could completely change the way we shop:

- Imagine purchasing groceries or electronics on the spot versus standing in the check out line

- Imagine checking-in to your flight, purchasing food for your flight and having a luggage cart reserved for you at your destination with the wave of your phone!

- Imagine buying gas for your car, a bag of turkey jerky and a Red Bull all  without having to unbuckle your seat when you pull into the gas station (Okay maybe a bit extreme) I could go on and on with ideas, but at it's core, thanks to APIs, the potential to create apps that leverage Google Wallet could be endless.

APIs allow for easy integration of data - and it doesn't matter what kind of data (ex. inventory, news, weather, etc.).

I'm excited to see where this takes us. Frankly, if you actually googled my wallet, you'll most likely find it empty!