Sara Reiner | Contributor
April 16, 2013

Connecting with APIs


Wendy Lea fell in love with the idea of creating, driving and connecting the meaningful conversations between companies and their customers.

She found a home doing that as the CEO of Get Satisfaction, a community-based platform that helps companies engage with their customers and in turn, gain product insight and enhanced customer loyalty.

According to Lea, who spoke at the Business of APIs conference in San Francisco last Fall, APIs were the company’s “secret sauce” that helped elevate Get Satisfaction away from being a destination site or a place where data would just go to collect and die. 

“I wanted to be aligned with the business process, and I wanted to make sure conversations could be naturally and easily integrated into transactional data,” Lea said.

Lea soon realized that API strategy was going to be key.

“It was very important to us to have an API strategy, because we have to bring benefit to the consumer and to the people,” she said.

APIs have helped Get Satisfaction keep the pulse of what consumers are saying.

“You have to be able to show up where consumers are and make sure the companies they are asking about can help them solve their problems and build better products. That’s what we do,” Lea said.

Lea said she knew if her company was going to implement APIs and an API strategy, it needed to have a strong platform. Once that was in place, it had what she calls a very small team and not a lot of money, but the company was able to pull it off and have never looked back.

Get Satisfaction’s APIs allowed for streamlined production and product familiarity, support and most importantly, partnerships.

“I don’t know any other way to partner with as many folks as our platform would like to partner with and also give our customers the ability to tinker with the product and bring it up to its highest and best use,” Lea said.

Lea says even big partnerships like one with Facebook are made possible thanks to APIs’ abilities to help make those ever-important connections between people and things. After all, connections are what drive Lea.

“Customers come inside our network to get their questions answered, their problems solved, and to share ideas. That bridge for us is especially unique and important,” Lea said.

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