June 12, 2012

Congratulations to SportsData LLC, The Latest API as a Product


Here at Mashery, we admire the trendsetting that our customers bring to their markets. This year, creating APIs as products is one of the ways we see customers pushing the envelope in their markets. APIs as products help companies scale across new channels at rapid speeds because they simplify how developers discover, use and compensate companies for their products via APIs. Today we congratulate SportsData LLC on their new API, and on delivering a significant advancement in how the sports industry is evolving how it offers data for apps, games and websites.

SportsData LLC aims to disrupt the fantasy sports and sports app data market by democratizing sports data APIs with the five principles of APIs as Products (Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People). It’s a simple principle, really:

• Turn data into a product by offering APIs that give developers tiers of content based on their needs.
• Offer data through APIs at a standard price, so developers know exactly what they are getting and paying when they sign up.
• Give developers a destination where they can learn about your API, share ideas and ask questions to get the most from your API by learning and sharing answers.
• Get the word out by engaging with vehicles like sample data sets, which will help developers understand just what they can do with an API, and get the word out about its value out to developers wherever they are.
• Make your API about more than data. Show developers the face of the people behind your API. SportsData LLC’s founders stand for exactly this.

By adopting the principles of API as a product, SportsData LLC is able to standardize their offering, and offer the best developer experience in the fantasy sports and sport enthusiast app development market today. Now that’s what we call a recipe for disruption!