September 09, 2011

Congratulations to Server Density on its API Launch!


Here at Mashery, we are all about encouraging and promoting innovation. We're particularly enthusiastic about open APIs, and at the moment, we're excited to congratulate David Mytton for launching the Server Density API program.

When working in the cloud, if you're not interoperable, you're irrelevant. In other words, if your APIs don't create new opportunities for developers, you're basically deemed unattractive (a.k.a. the unpopular kid in the developer community). Therefore, the more APIs there are in the world, the more the advantages of high development productivity can transfigure into greater, more diverse business benefits. 

So check out Server Density's developer page ( and explore the wonders of open APIs! 

Welcome to the world of APIs, Server Density.


Server Density is a hosted server monitoring tool that makes it simple to retrieve important analytics about the performance of your servers and get status alerts via e-mail, SMS, iPhone or Android to prevent downtime. For more information, visit their homepage at