July 08, 2011

Congratulations to Alibris's 1st Annual API Programming Contest Winners!!


This past weekend Mashery customer Alibris announced its  First Annual API Programming Contest winners.  

Alibris, a retail division of Monsoon Commerce, is an online store that sells a variety of books including out-of-print books, new books, and used books. In addition, Alibris.com is a great online marketplace for independent sellers of textbooks, music and movies.

The $1000 Grand Prize for the Best Overall Application was awarded to Textbook Exchange creator Brady Emerson. Textbook Exchange offers a book exchange service on a Facebook application, while utilizing Alibris's book inventory.

The Best Android Application was awarded to Shopping Companion for Alibris by Joe Blough. Shopping Companion provides consumers the ability to search through Alibris’s inventory and create a shopping cart of items. Affordabook by Vincent Thomas won Best Mashup Application. With this free application, available on iTunes, users can search over ten bookstores to find the best deals on books and textbooks.

Additionally, Web2Voice for Alibris by Robert Oschler won Most Fun Application award—it lets you search Alibris's book inventory using voice queries. And lastly, the Most Developer-Friendly Code award went to Ruby Wrapper for the Alibris API by Rupak Ganguly.

The company's API programming contest invited developers to write applications using Alibris APIs .  In doing so, Alibris was able to help generate greater awareness for its APIs and demonstrate its highly dynamic usage. With so many different mashups of applications geared towards the services that Alibris provides to consumers, the company has ultimately created a dynamic channel for extending its business.

By having its API methods available to the developer community, Alibris will be able to find new ways for customers to enjoy books and other benefits—whether or not consumers are on the Alibris site—while encouraging innovation around book selection and purchase.