June 10, 2011

Cohuman API means mobile distribution


As featured in the New York Times yesterday, Cohuman has made some big mobile moves recently. Cohuman credits their API they launched in early March for helping them get mobile faster - and mobile solutions is the one thing that their customers clamor for most.

Initially, they ran an API contest that did a great job at connecting external developer skills and expertise to Cohuman's mobile platform objectives. Cohuman launched their contest in early March along with their public API, offering small cash prizes around specific mobile platforms. By late May, they had received dozens of entries built with their task management data, including

  • a Windows Mobile 7 app from Dele Olowoyo - WINNER

  • two Android apps from Jabanaki (a Free version and Pro $1.99 version) - Honorable Mention

  • a Palm Pre mobile app from Vaibhav Mishra - Honorable Mention

Additionally, since they used outside help to create their own iPhone app, their API meant the app was finished more quickly and for less budget than it would have cost without an API.

Having an API for internal use, partner use and independent developer use meant Cohuman got mobile quicker and cheaper. Check their contest winners page for details how to download the Android, Windows 7, or Palm Pre mobile apps, or iTunes to download their iPhone app and try out their task management tools. We use it here at Mashery, and to love how Cohuman takes task management out of our overflowing email in-boxes, and makes it easy to follow-up and complete small tasks -- even on the go.